Freediving chose me.

Goran is a multiple world champion and world record holder in free diving. He likes to achieve his goal and realise in a single breath that he has beaten the entire world. He likes to win. This feeling of happiness and immense pleasure, lasting only ten seconds, is so intense that he is addicted to it. He dreams of competition, dreams of winning and then it irritates him, because he feels he needs to repeat his feeling again and again.

Goran was 12 when he saw “The Big Blue”. This cult movie inspired him to challenge himself, gain courage and lose sight of the shore and the surface. In the meantime he became the most decorated freediver of all times, holder of the highest awards, biggest accomplishments and unbelievable achievements. Apart from freediving, Goran spends his free time discovering far destinations, by the chess board and in stargazing. In just four years he made the journey from amateur to world champion, and in 2013 he achieved something no athlete before him succeeded in doing: at the AIDA World Championship in Belgrade he won all 3 gold medals and set one world record. Still nobody succeeded in doing this after him.

From 2007 till today he broke the world record for 10 times in all of pool disciplines as well as in depths. For Guinness Book of Records he stopped breathing for amazing 23:01 minutes. He holds national records in all disciplines – in pool as well as in depths. In 2015, after having won all available pool championships, Goran made the transition from pool to depth disciplines. At his first great competition, the 2015 AIDA Depth World Championship in Cyprus, he was declared overall winner of the Championship. Goran simply knows no limits.